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Additional Services

  About our Partners
  We are ooccasionally asked by clients if we are can install various software or write modifications to standard software or even design websites for them.

In order to assist everyone we are supplying video tutorials and the "Get Started" ebook.

We recognise that not everyone has the time or inclination to learn website design or programming and so we have also made arrangements with trusted professionals who offer expertise in various fields.

We have:

* Website Designers.
* php and CGI Programmers.
* Server Script Installers.
* Logo and Banner Graphic Designers.
* Affiliate Program Specialists.

Please complete the form opposite giving as much detail as you are able to and we shall put you contact with a trusted professional. You are under no obligation to use anyones' services and all our recommended professionals will provided you with a free quotation. The fee and the scope of the works will be arranged between yourselves.

You pay NO fees to Heavyhoster.com for this service, we have made these arrangements to assist you in areas that exceed our scope of operation. We specialise in webhosting.


A recommendation:

If you have not out-sourced work before and want to ensure that you get a good deal and avoid expensive mis-understandings, then we would highly recommend a publication that will save you a lot of time and avoid costly mistakes.

"How to Successfully Outsource - Remain In Control and Under Budget".

This excellent publication gives you the confidence and know-how enabling you to get professional work done at very reasonable costs. It gives you example contracts to ensure that you avoid expensive mis-understandings which can otherwise cost you thousands of dollars.

Available in instantly downloadable pdf format. Order it now and read while you wait for the results of your professional assistance request.

You can place an order here..

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